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Dear Maketick,

I was looking for someone to make my website on They had a very professional pitch for my project and seemed OK, so I awarded them my project. Then I got weird vibes from them so I did some research (don't pay attention to these 5 star reviews all fake) the websites they supposedly made had never even heard of maketick. So overall, *** MAKETICK SCAMMING PIECES OF ***. Good thing I caught them before I gave them any money.


Karma you *** pieces of ***.

P.S. Go *** yourselves.

P.S.S. i need 100 words so here goes. *** YOU PHIL

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San Francisco, California, United States #820628

MAketick is fraud company beware of sudip roy..


We have got similar kind of issues from maketick, they don't have enough resources to do the development, Maketick Inc is fraud company , specially this company is run by some people who have good sales pitch and they can make you fool, also sudip roy is really gambler who is behind all these scene,

Sudip Roy and Suparna Pyne, we need to take action how usa government has given right to do business and cheat people of usa, I will write complain to usa government too.

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